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Svend Thingholm, Man. Dir. Heidi Thingholm, Marketing Coordinator Pia Brylle, Customer Relations     Danuta Migdalska, Supplier Relations   FOUR COLLECTIONS BY SCANPOLEX - click to see our online catalogues.

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Svend Thingholm
Man. Dir.
Scanpolex DK

Heidi Thingholm
Marketing Coordinator

Pia Brylle
Customer Relations

  Danuta Migdalska
Supplier Relations

Scanpolex Head Office
Søndersøvej 266
DK - 5462 Morud
Tel. + 45 65 96 40 16
Fax. + 45 65 96 53 00

Contact person - North Germany


Rolf Berndt
für den Gartenbau
Birkenweg 2
D-28816 Stuhr

Tel. +49 (0) 421 5659 256
Fax +49 (0) 421 5659 257
Mobil: +0049 (0) 151-55561185

  Scanpolex was established in the mid 90's in the heart of Danish Horticulture. Through its pioneering spirit the company has created a solid cooperation with growers and laboratories in Eastern European countries, especially in Poland.

Scanpolex provides service and customer based solutions to our businesspartners around the world.
Rolf Berndt
Contact person
North Germany

  Solving production problems and adding value to our customers product portfolio when introducing new products...the core competence of Scanpolex are the foundation of the future. Always seeking new business partners and products which contribute helping us to continually improve our service to customers.

Proactivity...in cooperation with our customers.

Young plants from tissue culture and vegetative propagation
Unrooted cuttings preparation - stick and return service.

Young plants from Scanpolex - a world of opportunities.

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