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It probably lies in the genes!

The Thingholm Family has a long traditin within the Horticulture Business.

Nearly a century ago, following the first World War, my Grandfather, Chresten Thingholm, settled down with his family near Odense - the hometown of the famous author Hans Christian Andersen - and established one of the very first 'commercial' greenhouse in the area which has since become the centre of Danish Horticulture. All of his 13 children became either growers themselves or were married to growers - except one!

In 1929 he took the initiative with 10 other pioneers, to establish the well known cooperative GASA. This has since become the foundation for the advancement of Danish Horticulture.
Chresten Thingholm
My father, Ejnar Thingholm, established his own nursery in 1935 on ooen field land. With the full confidence of his colleagues, he was assigned many positions of trust within the various Danish Horticulture Organisations. One such honourable position was to be a member of the GASA comittee for more than 25 years. For more than 15 of these years, he was appointed the Visionary Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In 1965 he proudly welcomed the Royal Family to the Opening Day at GASA's new facilities. Sadly, he died in 1999 at the grand age of 90 years old. His legendary career saw him as the luminous comet and icon in Danish Horticulture. I will always carry his memory wherever business and life may take me.

Ejnar Thingholm Royal visit at GASA
The dramatic outbreak of the oil crisis in the 1970's and the following impact of increasing costs in general, damaged many companies within the Horticulture Business - shaking the proud family tradition to the foundations.

Europe was changing and new possibilities appeared. With the fall of the Berlin Wall the opportunity to approach the Eastern Countries arose. In 1989, both my curiosity and the urge to travel took me to Poland. Danuta Migdalska, a native Pole, and I became the first in opening the doors for Danish Horticulture into the East. A few months after the changes, we were exporting Danish pot plants into Poland, hungary, Czech Republic and the Baltic States, in addition to the Western market. Danish growers were taking part in this amazing adventure with us!
In the middle of the 1990's Scanpolex was established and production of young plants, half grown plants and tissue culture products slowly became the main business.

Svend Thingholm 1984
This incredible and exiting personal experience has given me deep respect for our 'new neighbours' and what they stand for. Thanks to early pioneers work, combined with our long and close relationship with Mrs. Danuta Migdalska, who with her outstanding personality, has represented us in Poland from the very beginning, we are proud to note that many companies have followed in the footsteps taken by Scanpolex throughout the Eastern Countries.

Scanpolex invites everybody - customers as well as suppliers, big and small, to join us for the future challenges.

Scanpolex - Your choice for a reliable and honest partnership in Horticulture Business!

Warsaw 1989

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