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Mission statement

Our goal is to be one of the leading suppliers of young plants from tissue culture and vegetative propagation.

It is our mission to develop, produce and sell young plants from tissue culture and vegetative propagation of high quality all over the world, with the goal to make the daily work of growers around the world more easy and cost-efficient, with the purpose to contribute to the developement of the Horticulture business in general.

Core Values


Sustainable development is a key value at Scanpolex.
We want only to produce and sell virus-free products with maximum consideration to the environment, for example the use of energy.

We want a healthy and safe working environment in order to be an attractive place of work as well to our present as to future employees.

Our production should be done in the most cost-efficient way and the consideration of the environment should always be of great importance.

Honesty and reliability

If we want respect, we shall not only conduct a fair business. We must also show our businesspartners that we are a fair player.

This implies that we are perceived as a honest and reliable company. We shall always inform our partners about our intentions and why.

We aim at the principle that our emplyees are of primary importance. We do not inform our surroundings before informing our employees.

We aim at telling about the good news as well as the bad news.

Furthermore, we want to be open-minded. People, who adress us, shall always feel welcome. Besides ordinary business-secrets, we have nothing to hide. In fact, we want people to know us, our values and how we do business. We emphasize dialog and listening to other people in order to achieve knowledge about how other people perceive us, and what we in other people's opinion can do better.

Global thinking

Scanpolex is an international and globally thinking company with production and sales around the world. We want to continue the growth of our company by as well increasing our market shares on existing markets as entering new markets.

We believe that local presence on the different markets is neccessary. The need of guidance and customer care differ from country to country. This is why we adopt our solutions to each customer with their country-specific demands and climate conditions. We respect people and their local values and cultures. Scanpolex has a cross-cultural understanding of the surroundings.

Pioneer and Leadership

Scanpolex is a growth-oriented company, always seeking a better position on existing and new markets within the areas of young plant production.

We will continue to produce key-products with the most efficient technology. This is why we constantly seek to develop our assortment to be able to introduce new products and new ways of producing plants, which effectively can satisfy the demands of cost-efficient production and innovative product assortments and thereby meet the expectations of our customers.

It should be commonly known among our businesspartners that Scanpolex is identical with quality and sustainability.

Our products will not be the cheapest on the markets, but highly competitive on as well price as quality and sustainability for the money.

Scanpolex...a world of opportunities

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