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Perennials Collection 2009

Annuals Collection 2009

Exotic and Indoor Collection 2009


Herbs and Aromatics Collection 2009

Thanks to a close relationship with many of the best Companies and Breeders in the World, Scanpolex Group can present an outstanding range of products in our 4 collections for 2009, which forms a wide basket of possibilities for our Customers.

On behalf of the Scanpolex Team and with deepest respect to our customers, I wish us all good luck progressing in a future where rapidly increasing costs are possibly one of the biggest challenges in the Horticultural sector. Our team is ready to meet the challenge together with you.

Hope you find our Collections interesting.

Managing Director
Svend Thingholm

Scanpolex is a Family owned Company, specializing in Young Plant production and Distribution since 1995. Our Head Office is situated near Odense close to the centre of Danish Horticulture. The Company has it's roots in a proud family-tradition within production and trade in Horticulture stretching nearly 100 years. The years have provided a wide range of experience and unique understanding of how to bring value to both our customers and to our suppliers.

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