Young Plants from Tissue Culture & Vegetative Propagation Perennials | Bedding Plants | Houseplants...handled with care.
Our vision is...    
That our customers and suppliers acknowledge us as the most loyal and fair supplier of young plants.
To inspire growers around the world to challenge their normal way of producing plants.
We strive to accomplish this by offering a range of high quality plants and providing customer based solutions.
That our employees are satisfied, among others because they have jobs and working conditions which give them professional and personal opportunities to develop their skills, and which are based on a good and healthy working environment and considerations of individual goals and qualifications.

Executive Summary

Our Organisation Our history  
Scanpolex's activities are divided into three main business areas: Contact  
Production of young plants from tissue culture and vegetative propagation    
Half grown plants    
Service solutions    
each increasing their market shares within the Horticulture Business.    
Scanpolex seeks to obtain it's goals by providing customer based solutions, the most efficient use of resources and long-term partnerships. Scanpolx has a unique experience and long tradition within the Horticulture Business.    

Scanpolex Business System

In order to meet the demands of our businesspartners we seek also to guide them in production planning. This is why we have developed our own unique online business system. Scanpolex Business System is a part of our customer and supplier care. Our businesspartners have the opportunity to see their purchases/production deadlines by receiving a personal login/password to our online productionsystem.
We shall continue to develop our Business System in order to be in control and thereby doing a better job for our businesspartners.
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